Flyebaby - Airplane Seat Comfort System For Baby

FlyebabyNow you've packed up your stuff and ready to travel with your baby by plane. But wait, you need to think on where your baby can sit comfortably in the plane?

Oh…so you think you can hold your baby during the journey. For how long will you be able to do it? 1 hour or maybe for 4 hours? Not sure?

To many questions but the answer is quite obvious and simple.

You just can`t hold your baby on the plane for hours!!! Why?

For 100% your hands will be tired and this is where your baby will feel uncomfortable. Then your baby started to get fussy and crying out loud.

You begin to panic…. while other passengers began to feel uncomfortable with the situation. What a bad situations!!!

To avoid the chaos mentioned above you will need FlyeBaby.
FlyebabyFlyeBaby is an infant seat like a hammock that can be hung on the front of your seat. This way your baby will feel comfortable during the journey.

And the best part is, this portable seat also allow your baby to sit in any types of seats safely and comfortably. Enjoy the video below to see it in action:

How To Use Flyebaby

★ Compliant with all FAA regulations.
★ Easily attaches to the seat in front of you and around your waist, yet safe with front seat movement.
★ Hammock and Harness will convert any chair to a hi-chair outside of flights making it perfect for all travel.
★ Allows for face to face interaction.
★ The perfect way to travel with baby outside of Taxiing, Takeoff, or landing.

Currently FlyeBaby is priced at U.S. $ 49.95 on Amazon


Between this and the amazing umbrella stroller options on the market today, parents are set for easy travel compared to what we used to have.


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